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What is My Speaking Score?
  • The only platform in the world devoted exclusively to TOEFL® Speaking prep
  • Students and teachers use My Speaking Score’s speech assessment tools & the ETS® SpeechRater™ scoring engine to
    • understand weaknesses in Fluency, Language Use, and Topic Development
    • diagnose TOEFL Speaking problems
    • estimate TOEFL Speaking scores
    • prepare for the TOEFL iBT
  • Yes, but sometimes they come back even faster 🙂


  1. Select any TOEFL® Speaking practice test
  2. Record your audio responses to task questions using your mic
  3. Submit the responses you want to get scored by SpeechRater™
  4. Analyze your SpeechRater™ score data
  5. Repeat
  • SpeechRater™ is the automated scoring system for the spontaneous speech of English language learners used operationally in the Speaking section of the TOEFL® iBT
  • TOEFL® Speaking responses are scored by both SpeechRater™ and human raters when you take the TOEFL® test
  • Complete SpeechRater™ reports cost as little as $2.18 each learn more

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