ChatGPT & TOEFL® Speaking Prep

Learning Objectives

ChatGPT is absolutely fantastic at answering TOEFL Speaking questions. You feed it the inputs, and, with some carefully written instructions, ChatGPT will deliver beautiful responses. Sometimes you need to ask twice, or thrice.

But the practice of prompt-coaxing variations of responses out of ChatGPT is super fun (and instructive).

Get all the prompts to help you prepare for TOEFL® Speaking in our knowledge base.

Chat GPT prompt for Q1

Act like a TOEFL Speaking expert who regularly gets a perfect TOEFL Speaking score. 

Deliver a high-scoring 90-word response for this Question 1 prompt: 

[insert Q1 prompt] 

Your response must contain varied, low-frequency vocabulary, and must be structured to include exactly two supporting examples. 

Important: remember, YOUR RESPONSE MUST NOT be more than 90 words. Do not include a conclusion. Your response also must be able to earn both a high SpeechRater score and a high score from ETS’s human rater. 90 Words.

Listen to John Healy’s response and see his SpeechRater score.
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