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The Ultimate Guide to Canada's Student Direct Stream (SDS) A Smooth Path to Studying in Canada
Mishaal Khurshid

The Ultimate Guide to Canada’s Student Direct Stream (SDS)

Embark on your educational journey to Canada through the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program. Discover the streamlined application process, eligibility criteria, and expert insights to ensure a successful study permit application. From language proficiency to financial planning, this guide has you covered for a smooth transition to Canadian academia.

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John Healy

ChatGPT & TOEFL® Speaking Prep

The AI-powered virtual assistant ChatGPT is an excellent resource for TOEFL Speaking practice. With carefully written instructions, it delivers beautiful responses to your inputs. Though you may need to ask a question more than once, the process of coaxing out various responses from ChatGPT is not only fun but also informative.

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