Elevate Your TOEFL Speaking Preparation with My Speaking Score’s 18 Free Practice Tests

a young student sitting at a desk, intently focused on a TOEFL practice test on their laptop in a bright study environment.

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Mastering the TOEFL Speaking section requires thorough and effective preparation. My Speaking Score (MSS) offers a valuable resource for this purpose: 18 free TOEFL Speaking practice tests. These tests are crafted to give you a comprehensive and realistic prep experience, featuring two innovative modes—AI Assist mode and Real mode. By utilizing these modes along with SpeechRater™ technology and the Journal feature, you can enhance your study efforts and greatly improve your TOEFL Speaking score. This combination of resources helps ensure that your preparation is both efficient and effective, setting you up for success on the actual test.

Two Modes for Comprehensive TOEFL Speaking Practice

  1. AI Assist Mode: AI Assist Mode offers a unique opportunity for unrestricted practice, allowing you to focus on refining your responses without the constraints of formal test rules. This mode is especially beneficial as it eliminates preparation time, enabling you to dive directly into answering questions. This immediate practice is crucial for building quick thinking and fluency, making AI Assist Mode ideal for beginners who need to familiarize themselves with the TOEFL Speaking section’s question types and format.
  2. Real Mode: Conversely, Real Mode precisely simulates the actual test conditions of the TOEFL Speaking section, enforcing strict preparation and response times. This mode is vital for more advanced preparation, helping you develop essential time management skills and allowing you to experience the pressure akin to the actual test day.

    By strategically alternating between AI Assist Mode and Real Mode, you can cultivate a comprehensive skill set. Initially, use AI Assist Mode to sharpen your speaking abilities and get comfortable with the test’s structure. Subsequently, transition to Real Mode for practice under conditions that closely mirror the real test environment. This method ensures a balanced preparation, equipping you with the confidence and competence to excel in the TOEFL Speaking section.

The Power of SpeechRater™ Data

SpeechRater™ technology revolutionizes TOEFL Speaking preparation. This AI-powered tool offers instant feedback on your speaking responses. It analyzes critical elements like pronunciation, fluency, grammar, and content. Consequently, by using SpeechRater™ data, you gain insights into your performance. This allows you to pinpoint your strengths and areas that need enhancement.

Furthermore, such targeted feedback helps you focus your practice on specific weaknesses. As a result, your preparation becomes more strategic and efficient. Ultimately, this technology ensures that your practice sessions are not only informative but also highly effective. In summary, SpeechRater™ transforms how you prepare for the TOEFL Speaking section, making each practice session a step towards greater success.

a young student sitting at a desk, intently focused on a TOEFL practice test on their laptop in a bright study environment.

Holistic TOEFL Speaking Feedback with the Journal Feature

The Journal feature of My Speaking Score (MSS) closely aligns with the TOEFL Speaking rubrics, thus providing comprehensive feedback on your responses. Importantly, this tool is essential for monitoring your progress. Additionally, it helps you understand the intricacies of the scoring criteria and refine your speaking strategies. With consistent use, you ensure your practice matches the TOEFL Speaking test expectations. Specifically, you receive detailed feedback on Delivery, including speaking speed and pronunciation, as well as Language Use, which covers grammar and vocabulary, and Topic Development. Consequently, each session becomes a targeted effort to enhance your speaking skills, precisely tailored to TOEFL standards.

Benefits of Free Practice Tests

  1. Cost-Effective Preparation: With access to 18 free practice tests, you can prepare for the TOEFL Speaking section without financial strain. This is particularly advantageous for students who are on a tight budget yet seek high-quality study materials.
  2. Versatility in Practice: My Speaking Score (MSS) offers a blend of AI Assist mode and Real mode, providing versatile practice options suitable for various stages of your preparation. Whether you are just beginning or in the process of refining your skills, MSS supports your learning path effectively.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: By employing SpeechRater™ technology and the Journal feature, your practice sessions become more than just routine; they are strategic and informed. These tools offer comprehensive insights, enabling you to pinpoint areas for improvement and optimize your study time.
  4. Realistic Test Experience: Real mode closely simulates the actual TOEFL test conditions, thereby providing a highly realistic test-taking environment. Importantly, this mode is essential for building your confidence and reducing anxiety. Consequently, it helps you familiarize yourself with the test’s dynamics, ultimately making you feel more prepared and composed for the actual test day.


My Speaking Score provides 18 free TOEFL Speaking tests, a vital resource for mastering the exam preparation. These tests serve as a crucial tool for excelling in your speaking skills. By alternating between AI Assist and Real modes, you gain flexibility in your preparation. Additionally, leveraging insights from SpeechRater™ and the Journal feature enriches your practice. Consequently, these tools help you enhance both your skills and confidence.

Using these modes, you simulate real test conditions and also practice freely, enhancing adaptability. Furthermore, the feedback from SpeechRater™ allows you to refine specific areas such as pronunciation and grammar. Similarly, the Journal feature tracks your progress, offering comprehensive feedback on your improvement over time. As a result, each practice session becomes more targeted and effective.

Start your preparation with MSS today to fully utilize these resources. Engage with each practice test and feedback tool to build your proficiency. By doing so, you make a significant stride toward achieving a high score on the TOEFL. Ultimately, My Speaking Score positions you well for TOEFL success, paving the way for your academic and professional future.

How do I access the free TOEFL Speaking practice tests offered by My Speaking Score?

You can access the 18 free practice tests by registering on the My Speaking Score website. Once registered, you can navigate to the practice tests section and select either AI Assist mode or Real mode to start practicing.

Yes, the Journal feature is designed to help you track your progress over time. It records each practice session, providing feedback aligned with TOEFL’s scoring rubrics. This allows you to review past performances, note improvements, and identify areas that need further development.

The Real mode is meticulously designed to simulate the actual TOEFL Speaking test conditions as closely as possible, including the strict preparation and response times. This meticulous design helps you become accustomed to the pressure and format of the real test. Consequently, it becomes an essential part of your preparation, ensuring you are well-prepared and familiar with what to expect on test day.